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15' x 20'AC花园温室


Simply put, the beauty and strength of the AC Garden Series Greenhouses makes it one of the best greenhouses anywhere.

交流花园系列温室设计优雅ful curved eaves and glass OR elegant straight eaves with either glass or triple wall polycarbonate (with optional Victorian ridge cresting). They are as esthetically charming as they are practical. The unique blend of form and strength of design creates a wonderful growing environment able to meet and exceed any national greenhouse building code. Full-length ridge vents are standard. All overhead glass panes are made with specially tempered safety glass. Whether you have a private estate or an average urban backyard, the AC Garden Series Greenhouses allow the serious gardener to pursue their interests in a beautiful environment.




Designed by experts for use in virtually any climate, the AC Garden Series Greenhouses have the strength and performance capability to satisfy even the most demanding horticulturist. The wide range greenhouses in the AC Garden Series makes owning a greenhouse affordable for the average homeowner. Quality is the primary concern and each AC Garden Series Greenhouse has the following features:

♦aluminum glazing bars suspended on a galvanized steel substructure

General Specifications

结构:Exterior framing consists of a 6063-T6 aluminum extrusion alloy supported by a hot-dipped galvanized steel substructure. The steel structure consists of truss-style ribs on 8' 5-1/4" centers (6'9" for 25# wind loads). Framing sections between steel ribs consist of 5 vertical rows of glass on 20 1/4" centers (4 rows of 25# wind loads). Sidewall posts attach to a perimeter foundation 8" above floor grade and 8" thick (9" for 25# wind loads) to the depth required by local conditions and practice. (24" high walls or higher for snow zones and special applications may be used) All bolt screws, new and other fasteners used in the greenhouse shall be galvanized, stainless, plated or aluminum as required by the manufacturer.

设计负载:AC Greenhouses can be tailored to meet any current building code for wind load and/or snow load. Stamped engineering calculations are available.



门:门和框架是挤压铝形状,用于悬挂1 3/4“厚管铝门(1-1 / 4”厚的较小模型)。在所有开口处安装和预先安装和预先挂在1 3/4“x 3”挤出铝制范围内。

Sill Plate:The sill plate is an extruded aluminum shape approximately 2-2/4" x 2" permitting lateral security and sufficient adjustment to accommodate minor foundation irregularities.

铝合金玻璃棒悬挂在镀锌钢上:热浸镀锌钢框架为3 x 4.1通道,带4 x 5.4侧柱,适用于AC2500系列;W X6x9 I光束,用于固定框架系列从基础到脊和相反的基础而没有内部支撑。焊接3/8“底板用两个锚固螺栓固定到底板上,每个锚螺栓在附图上规定的尺寸。


Glazing Bars:The glazing bars are an extruded shape weighing approximately .03 lbs. per foot and measuring 1 1/8" x 1 1/4" designed to incorporate stainless steel glazing clips.

修改:Adjustments to standard models are available upon consultation.



Standard Freestanding Widths:9'13'15'17'20'25'30'
标准披屋宽度:6' 8' 10' 12'
Lengths Available :10'4“,12'1 / 4”,15 4-3 / 4“,20'5-1 / 2”,23'10“,28'
10-3 / 4“,32'3-1 / 4”,37'4“,40'8-1 / 2”49'1-3 / 4“,54'2-1 / 2”,67'8-1/2“

The AC-900is our smallest freestanding AC Garden Series Greenhouses, but its every bit as big in features as the largest. Perfect for smaller yards, the AC-900 has plenty of space for two benches to give the active gardener ample puttering room. Sturdy construction takes hanging plants in stride and ensures years of successful gardening projects. The Hobby has an all-aluminum frame, is available with glass or polycarbonate covering, and features two attached benches, and an all-electric ventilation system.